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 Are you one of the 17million people in the UK with a jewellery allergy?


Ever worn earrings which made you itch, or had a necklace that left a rash around your neck? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the chances are you have an allergy to a metal commonly used to make jewellery. Almost a quarter of the population suffers from Allergic Contact Dermatitis, but many will go their whole life without realising they even have an allergy.

Metal allergies can arise out of nowhere, even after years of wearing the same piece of jewellery. Most people who suffer are allergic to nickel, but there are 15 other elements that can be found in jewellery that can cause an allergic reaction.

That’s why, through in-depth research and development, we’ve developed a unique testing method - AnchorCert Protect - which can detect the presence of all 16 allergens. Brands and retailers can then work with their manufacturers to ensure that each finished piece of jewellery is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction to skin.

We’re encouraging high street retailers to put their jewellery to the test so they can reassure all of their customers, including those who may have never bought a piece of jewellery from them before, because of an existing allergy.

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